Affiliate marketing can help bloggers to monetize their blogs, promote them and attract more readers. This marketing technique comes with very low risk. If you’re using it to monetize your blog, you’ll only need to make a slight change in your posts’ structure and wait for the money to accumulate. If you want to hire affiliates or promote your blog through an affiliate program, you’ll only pay for the clicks that resulted in conversions. In this article, we’ll share several ways you can use the benefits of the affiliate marketing model for boosting and monetizing your blog.

For acquiring new readers and customers

If you want to attract new visitors or improve conversions with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to use this model as an advertiser. Bloggers rarely use affiliate marketing this way, unlike online stores and other fully commercial websites. Still, if you sell any kind of products or services on your blog, affiliate marketing can help you to maintain a constant visitor flow and improve your blog’s conversion. From the position of an advertiser, affiliate marketing can be used in two different ways:

  • Joining an affiliate network

In order to unlock the promotional benefits of the affiliate marketing model, you should sign up to the affiliate network of your choice and use the tools it provides. This usually includes a tracking system, which can track visitors on affiliate websites and calculate their conversion on your blog.

  • Creating your own tracking system

Affiliate networks charge their services from the sales that come through your affiliate channels. If you want to avoid these charges and you know how to code, you can easily create your own tracking software and offer it to interested affiliates. In order to set your own system, you’ll need to promote your offer on social media and through Google AdWords. Amazon Associates is probably the most famous affiliate platform, made by an advertiser and you can also find various other smaller platforms like the one created by Edmunds, the famous car website.

For monetizing your blog

Most bloggers act like publishers in the affiliate marketing model. Before you start monetizing your blog, you should read posts and guides that will help you to enhance your affiliate revenue. Concentrate on authority publishers from the affiliate marketing niche, like Charles Ngo for example.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by adding advertisers’ links to your content, or by creating separate pre-sale pages that contain more information about advertisers’ products. There are several methods bloggers use for monetizing their writing. These include:

  • Creating niche-specific posts

In order to sell certain products, bloggers’ posts need to be niche-specific. For example, bloggers who work as affiliates for car part advertisers should run car review, maintenance, and car repair blogs. This way, they will attract DIY car mechanics with their content and offer them products that are relevant to them.

  • Always post relevant content

Many bloggers overestimate their knowledge, writing, and SEO skills, and open dozens of new blogs in order to earn more money from their advertisers. You should stick to the topics you’re knowledgeable about and only cooperate with advertisers who target the same audience as you are.

  • Promote your blog posts

In the affiliate marketing scheme, the publishers’ revenue is usually driven by the website traffic their posts receive. That’s why you need to use at least 60% of your work time for promoting your posts and blog. You can do it by creating inbound links on other niche-specific websites and by posting your content on social media pages.

  • Presell pages

In order to boost your revenue and advertisers’ sales, you can create several presell pages that will serve as product pages for the items you are trying to promote. These pages should contain basic product information and lots of high-resolution imagery. Some bloggers also add promotional videos, and price and feature tables.
In affiliate marketing, your blog ‘content is the king, and its distribution is the queen’. In order to earn significant funds from this scheme, you’ll need to write engaging content and just seamlessly mention (and share the link to) the affiliate product. Consumers don’t like commercial blog posts and you’ll need to prove to them that the affiliate product is worth their attention.