Customers are the priority no matter if you are running a B2B or a B2C brand. First, you have to convert them from a lead, someone that is interested in what you offer, to a customer. Next, you have to engage customers in real-time through different means. 

Your aim should not be to get one sale and move on but build a relationship that keeps the spark alive between you and your customers. I know conversions are necessary, but retention is even more crucial, and it establishes over time and the ways you communicate. 

Why Is Customer Engagement Important?

When a company successfully engages the customers, they bring in loyalty to the brand. Honestly, when you get to know the right ways to engage customers in real-time, you understand their mentality, pain points, and what makes them happy. It leads to designing an effective strategy that retains the existing customers and attracts new ones through reviews and referrals. 

Customer engagement is essential for any business because we want to see you grow! All you need to know is how to do so. Engaging customer is a challenge, as most people have crazy A.D.D. and short action span from social media.  This guide will help you with this. 

Guide to Engage Customers In Real-time

  • Build Your Brand’s Personality

How or why do you make someone a friend? That’s because you get inspired by their personality. Right? To engage customers in real-time, you need to build your brand’s image with which people can relate. The current era is much about personalization, and such an identity helps build trust. 

You can do that through your posts, contests, blogs, and anything that delivers a message. 

For instance, you own a furniture store. Your social media posts’ visual designs should reflect innovation in coffee tables with subtle or bold colors in the background, depending on the personality you want to build. 

Moreover, running an “Interior decoration ideas” contest can communicate how you are there with loads of decoration ideas for your followers. Blogs that answer to all basic furniture problems reflect the ‘Always available for the problems’ trait of your brand.

  • Run Engaging Social Media Contests

Social media contests are opportunities that can help you grow unbelievably. It is not like people do not want to interact; they would love to if you give them a reason. However, contests are mainly giving and taking. The social media audience brings you to their friends, and you provide them with a prize in return. It does not necessarily have to be huge, but there has to be something that motivates them to introduce you to their friend. I always look at it this way, if someone wants me to take a survey or promote a product, what is worth my time. Consider this angle when you are looking to run a contest.

You can run tag a friend contest or share to aware. Or something like the last comment gets a prize; there is a lot to cover when you step into the contest game. You just need to identify what triggers your target audience. 

Here you can guide the audience with well-defined steps. For instance, if you plan to run tag a friend content, you can have the following outline.

  1. Like the post.
  2. Share it in your story.
  3. Tag 3 friends.
  4. Make sure they like the post and follow our page.

By doing so, you will persuade your current followers to make their friends a part of your contest. Once they start sharing, you will see a boost in your followers which will most likely convert into leads and sales.

  • Give Value to the Reviews and Questions

Good reviews can be your most trustworthy friend! Believe me, 88% of the people make their buying decisions based on the reviews. You can go for acquiring them on your social accounts as most of the users browse through search engines and social platforms to skim the reviews first. Your go-to options can be:

The right placement depends on your niche. Customers do not give reviews unless you tell them to. To persuade them, you can offer a return for every review. The returns can be:

  • A particular percent discount on their next purchase;
  • Discounts on referrals;
  • Customer of the month award (through lucky draw).

Once you get a positive review, market that on all social media platforms. Do that active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, specifically. You can implement the following steps:

  • Design a visually appealing image;
  • Place the Positive review in it;
  • Write a personalized thanking note;
  • Share it enthusiastically with your followers. 

We would further recommend sending out an email; it makes the customers feel valued. With this, whenever a potential customer will search for your business, your digital existence will showcase positivity. You will notice the boost in your sales.

Like I told you before, users connect with your brand when you make an image. By responding to each review and query, you show your care for them, and they trust you even more.

  • Build a Community

You can build your community and help people discuss their questions, and since it will only be related to your niche, people will be more comfortable. You can always recommend your products or services there, but do not spam.

For instance, you just started a bookstore. You are new in the business and do not have a huge setup, but you know how to use social media effectively. You will market your page with all the other tips I suggested. You will then make this group where people can discuss their favorite books, ask for recommendations, and give reviews and whatever the questions are, your business will be the ultimate solution to all

  • Involve Customers in Your Decision Making

When you involve customers in your decisions, they feel valued like anything. You can ask for their recommendations for a social cause or a business expansion idea. 

For instance, you started a restaurant a few months ago and experienced successful outcomes, and now you are planning to expand the locations. You can post this on your social media and ask people where they want you to open next. Even if you have a plan, many people will recommend the one you have already decided on. That will be it. 

These people will be marketing your new franchise saying that they suggested.

  • Start Loyalty Programs

Rewarding loyal customers with benefits retain them for a long time and encourages others to be one. You can have some exclusive deals or packages for such people. Honestly, a loyal customer can even argue with your competitor to make you the winner, and that is what you want, to have a competitive advantage.

You can even give them coupons and incentives to give to their friends and build a network.

Adopt all these tips in your business strategy and see your business flourishing like never before!


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