Starting a home-based business provides a means for growing your income, managing your professional life, and building flexibility into your everyday schedule and routine. It can be a great endeavor for those looking to get rid of a daily commute, create a work-life balance, or simply be their own boss. The keys to a successful launch and operation include advanced planning, creating an appropriate workspace, learning how to stay motivated and productive, and exposure through appropriate channels.

Establishing Your Business

The first step in launching a home based business is zeroing in on the specific services you’ll offer. This could include consultation services, particularly if you have professional skills in an area like accounting, marketing, communications, wedding planning, or something in which you’re not physically producing a tangible product.

To ensure your business will be viable, you’ll want to make sure your services are in demand, and that you’re pricing yourself appropriately. This can be done by conducting market research and identifying your target demographic. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business Owners produces regular reports on the status of business economic indicators that can aid in this effort.

Setting Up Your Home Based Business

Depending on where you live, there may be business licensing or insurance requirements you’ll need to have in place to officially operate a small business from your home. The Enterprise Toronto team can guide you to start-up resources specific to your venture.

You’ll also want to create a designated workspace in your home, ideally, one situated away from household traffic and noise. Make this space highly functional, outfitting it with home office essentials and business equipment like a laptop or desktop, printer, scanner, and filing system.

Also, make it a comfortable and relaxing space. It may help to declutter and clean your entire home in advance of your business launch. Smudging can help clear out old negative energy, and give your business a fresh start with positive energy!

Growing Your Business

Once your business is set up and ready to go, you’ll need to start drawing in customers and clients. A simple website that advertises your services can be invaluable, as can traditional marketing and advertising means that will reach your target audience. For example, if you offer geriatric nutrition consultation services, it would be beneficial to advertise in a publication or platform that caters to senior citizens.

According to Entrepreneur, social media is another viable resource for attracting new customers and spreading the word about your business launch. Friends, family, industry contacts, and former clients and colleagues can also be good resources for attracting your first customers. Referrals are also an essential part of building a small home-based business, so exceptional customer service is a key to success.

Managing Work And Home

Home-based business owners, like all entrepreneurs, often work long and varied hours. Success can be dependent on managing your time wisely and taking steps to ensure a firm delineation between work and home. You can stay productive by setting specific business hours and making sure you get the buy-in of your family and friends, helping them recognize that just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you are to be interrupted at-will. Make office space and work supplies off-limits to the rest of the household and create healthy, productive boundaries.

Home-based business owners have a lot of advantages in terms of managing their own time, but it’s important that you’re mindful about your own self-care. Be sure to make time for personal routines, like regular exercise and healthy eating, to help ensure your body stays as sharp as your mind as your business finds its footing. Finally, make sure to put your business out there with a Business Directory listing. Here’s how.

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