As a small business, you may come across the right marketing opportunities but you don’t always have the required budget or time to make things work the way you want to be. Using a video marketing plan can help you in gaining a lot of traction across different platforms. You can easily engage with both prospects and clients and make them more comfortable with making a purchase.

According to Forbes, 90% of consumers say videos help them in making a buying decision. Forbes also reports that 64% say watching videos makes them more likely to purchase.

In today’s era, video marketing has changed the dynamics of social media, and marketing in general. 

But for small business owners, video marketing may feel overwhelming, without the time and resources needed for video creation. That’s why we are putting together a quick guide to help you get started with video marketing.

First, let’s address the most common misconception about video marketing for small business owners or marketers:

Video making is too time-consuming and complicated: There’s a misconception that it takes days to create a single video. Of course, when we talk about professional productions it takes a lot of time to make a video but the case of creating a video for social media or a blog should not take that much time. You can start with stock images or videos you already have and with time you will get more experience with less processing time. Nowadays video editing has become more simple and easy with tools like canva which gives you different options to use the available themes and make videos with images and other assets available to you.

Importance of video for small businesses

Video marketing isn’t that time-consuming and requires expertise as it may seem. Let’s start with a quick look at what video can do for your marketing on different platforms.

Social Media Video 

Video has become more important on social media where it generates more shares and engagement than images and text. Video can be a great asset to maximize the results of your social media campaigns. According to a recent survey, video has been ranked as the number one choice of content type for consumers engaged on social media.

There are many ways to foster that engagement. Below are a few examples of social media videos your business can create and promote:

  • You can share what your business does, why your business is special? And what makes you different from your competitors?

You can even share something about the people who work for your business.

  • Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool for attracting new customers. Create a video focusing on positive word of mouth by doing a quick video interview with one of your customers. By sharing your customer’s journey and what do they love about your business, you can leave a positive impact on your audience.
  • Let your customers know when you’re having a sale or any promotions. Keep them updated about the information they need like duration, the process they need to follow, and how they can get in touch to avail the options.

YouTube video 

As YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, more consumers search for how-tos and product reviews on this platform. Putting your videos on YouTube means that you are getting in front of more customers searching for the products and services related to your industry. So get started and follow this quick start guide to set up and grow your first Youtube Channel.

Other mediums for videos 

You can also put videos on your website and within your email newsletters. An average customer tends to spend 88% more time on your website if it has video. Your video can be about the product you’re selling or it can showcase your small business story.


For email newsletters, you can link your YouTube videos and mention them in your subject line to increase the open rate. Remember video doesn’t have to be limited to your website, newsletter, or social media; it can be used in your shop, at any trade show, or an event.

Small business videos ideas & tips

We have talked about the importance of video marketing, now let’s talk about: 

Different Video Ideas And Tips You Should Follow

About us video: In the About Us video, you can tell the story of your business. You can emphasize your background, what products or services you offer, and what is a process you follow. Make sure you have a great performing website so that when people visit your website it is fast and mobile-friendly. We like WP Engine if you use WordPress hosting or GoDaddy if you use normal hosting. 

How-to video: You can compile a list of all the questions you hear a lot from your customers and answer them in multiple videos covering each question in a video. You can post them on social media and it will also help your potential customers to get the answers they are looking for.

Product-based video: A product-based video can engage well with potential customers and give them all the information they should know.

Review/testimonial video: You can shoot with your actual customers or ask them to make a video for you in this way your new customers will feel comfortable doing business with you. You can also utilize the written reviews or feedback and convert them into a video.

Tips for small businesses

Before you start video marketing, here are a few tips and tricks to help you make things simpler and easy to process. 

  • Use the photos and video clips you already have and create your first video.
  • Remember most people watch videos on social media with the sound off. So you should plan accordingly and use text to tell a story. 
  • Keep the mobile visitors in mind and edit your videos accordingly.
  • There are different sizes for different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to check the formats and requirements for each platform separately. 
  • You don’t need any updated equipment to get started, use your smartphone for the start.


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