When you get an opportunity to pave your own path to business success, it should be grabbed at once. Such opportunities usually arise surprisingly and if you don’t seize them, it might take years for another one to pop up. However, even when you make up your mind and decide to take the plunge, there are many risks threatening to nip your online business story in the bud. This is why you should learn from other people’s experiences and avoid some common mistakes.

Saving on Internet connection

Have you ever seen a cab driver driving a 10-year old car? If you have, you must’ve thought how irresponsible it was for a professional to use such an old vehicle for his business purposes. That’s the same thing people will think when they realize you save money on the Internet package. Running an online business requires ensuring a fast and reliable Internet connection.

While the download speed is important, it’s vital that you get proper upload speed, as well. Working via the Web means you have to send large files, which is extremely frustrating at a lower upload speed. For instance, a home-based business should go for nothing less than a 52Mb/3Mb combination.

Starting with too low rates

There’s a huge business market out there, on the Web. While it offers numerous opportunities for literally every single skill in the world, it’s also a pretty merciless battlefield. This fact terrifies some people, so they underestimate their value when they start working online. As a result, many skillful freelancers set low rates for their services, which is a wrong attitude. On the one hand, it’s a reasonable move. They think they’ll attract clients more easily if they offer lower rates. On the other, such a way of thinking could boomerang on you. If a client decides to hire you at those rates, you’ll work your head off for peanuts. Moreover, many clients will just skip your offer, because low freelancer rates are often perceived as a sign of limited or weak skills.

Unresponsiveness to clients

Once you enter the online business ring, you realize that every single mistake you make can result in your business being knocked down on the floor of the ring. Therefore, if you want to avoid such collapses, treat both your old and potential clients with equal respect. Even though you work from home and you’re in your home office most of the time, it doesn’t mean you can answer every single phone call.

If you keep missing them, you’ll also miss a chance to acquire some new clients. In order to keep your revenues high and your business a reputable enterprise, consider using the services of a virtual receptionist. They will reply to every call with a personalized greeting, so that it sounds like a secretary, speaking from your office. You can instruct them to put those callers through or take their messages on your behalf, depending on your current position.

Excessive work hours

Driven by the excitement of being your own boss and overzealous to achieve your business goals as soon as possible, you might actually do quite the opposite – burn out, end up in a hospital and put your entire business at risk. Many freelancers are exposed to the hazard of burning out. Since they’re usually sole entrepreneurs, they have to cope with the workload they accept all by themselves. However, work is not worth such a sacrifice.

So, whenever you feel that you don’t get enough sleep or that you haven’t seen your friends and family for weeks, it’s time to take a break. If you announce on time that you’ll take a few days off, your clients will understand it. After all, they need you in good shape and a positive mood to be able to work on their future projects. In addition, learn more about smart ways for freelancers to avoid burning out in a piece published by Forbes.

Others have made mistakes and it’s up to you to learn from them, and not repeat such wrongful actions. You should undoubtedly work hard to put your business on its feet, but this process should be done in a smart and organized way. So, follow our guidelines and avoid as many mistakes as you can. As a result, you’ll have more energy for new challenges, as well as more opportunities to develop your business in a healthy way.