Most homeowners are aware that selling their property on their own is hard work, being that it requires time, energy, market information, and money. How and where you are advertising your home depends in part on your location. For example, promoting and advertising to a cash home buyer in Pittsburgh is not for everyone. To reach the right audience, you will need to follow specific advertising guidelines.

Writing an Effective Advertisement

  1. An effective advertisement always accentuates what’s positive about the sale and at the same time is careful with its language, so as not to expose the home’s weaknesses
  2. Specific facts like square footage should not be mentioned unless verified and approved by an assessor or appraiser. General terms, such as plentiful, abundant, and spacious can get the same message across.
  3. Use imagery! Make it easy for the audience to envision the home. Describe things like the property’s architectural design, layout, flow, amenities, and upgrades, as well as nearby entertainment options, shopping spots, and restaurants. Last but not the least, the ad should include the home’s price and the owner’s contact information.

Promotion Options

  1. Marketing a home advertisement in magazines is productive only if you can afford to wait for a few months to see results. Magazine advertising tends to work well for upper-end luxury homes.
  2. Though the readership of local daily and weekly newspapers is declining, it still holds a coveted place to advertise homes on the market. If you’re placing an ad here, design it to attract attention and make sure it’s well written.
  3. Today, most home sales begin their process by online marketing. Social media sides with enormous audiences like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter is a sure way to reach a number of people who may be interested in buying your home.

Not all homeowners have the time to go through the average home selling process, but they still need to sell their property quickly. Pittsburgh Cash home buyers like can help such owners sell their house in a stress-free way without making them deal with lots of buyers or real estate agents.