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A smart local marketing strategy for brick-and-mortar businesses is dependent on several factors, one of which you may have overlooked: local listing management. Are your company’s contact, location, and service information up to date on sites like Yelp, YellowPages.com, Google Plus Business, and Bing Places for Business?

If you incorrect data on these sites, you are missing out on business, and, worst of all, foot traffic from potential customers who live in your neighborhood.

The Business Directory can help list your website onto different platforms so that the of listing sites that your customers are search will populate with the correct contact information to drive businesses.

Attracting new customers is great, but becoming the neighborhood go-to for your niche is even better when you’re making real-world connections. We make it our mission from the start to turn your company into a local hero by:

  • Examining all of your listing information across all aggregator sites thoroughly.
  • Your updated listing information will be distributed via syndicated distribution.
  • In-depth audits of your existing local listings every quarter
  • Careful revision is required to ensure quality and consistency across all sites.
  • Monthly reports and updates ensure that your data is always up to date.


Step 1:

Our first step is simple, we run a citation check that includes:

NAP Variation Check

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. The company name, address, and phone number you use on any site where you appear is referred to as your NAP. When a customer or potential prospect conducts a local search, NAP is critical for businesses that want to rank well organically.

  • Exiting Correct Citation
  • Incorrect citations
  • Aggregator Citations


Step 2

We make simple description with, images, and text (and sometime video). These images/videos have been fully optimized, including geo-metadata. These images and video’s are then submitted to top video hosting sites, resulting in high authority, legitimate links, and citations. Images and videos are an important factor when incorporating them into listings as they drive up the engagement due to the simple fact that humans tend to be attracted to visual information rather than textual information.


Step 3

Every month we will create 30 new listings and share photos that all link back to your website – when people search locally your business will appear to be on the top in the search results.

Here, you provide us with 10, ideally relevant and branded images, we optimize, upload, and again optimize including geo-meta data. We then submit these images to the top hosting image sources, creating high authority, legit links, and citations. Metadata gives some foresight about your website which will help drive more organic traffic to your website.

Finally, each month we will create 30 new listings and share photos that all link back to your website.


If you are looking to drive more traffic to your site and business sign up today and get results tomorrow.

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