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Accelerate your processing of big data and machine learning workflow using intuitive, visual software.

Go beyond black-box algorithms and gain better means to showcase your work in AI. Amplifying your computer code, our software platform enables you to work with advanced data sets and build sophisticated machine learning algorithms in a visual 3D environment. A visual interface makes AI development less abstract and simplified, thus providing several benefits: 1) identify problems early on in your workflow within your data sets and models; 2) understand outcomes and optimize (“debug”) algorithms with ease; 3) gain abilities to collaborate with non-technical experts on AI projects, and; 4) facilitate training about AI development to members of your tech team that lack advanced knowledge of data science or python coding.

Our efforts to promote the responsible and inclusive development of AI technologies centres on the belief that we must provide tools that facilitate collaboration between technical and non-technical professionals. Empowered with such tools, we will be best positioned to solve the great technical challenges we face today.

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