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Being Diligent About Dental Hygiene
Dental hygiene is not only about professional care. Positive daily habits like flossing and brushing after meals are a great way to ensure long-term dental health. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to visit an Aurora Ontario dentist every once in a while just to ensure that you’re doing the right things to maintain healthy teeth.

Many people brush their teeth daily. However, many of them are not doing it properly. Improper brushing techniques are just as detrimental to your dental health as a lack of brushing. That’s why our dental experts at St. Andrew’s Dental Centre always reinforce this point to patients every time they come in for a dental visit. Our dentists help people to understand that proper maintenance of dental health is a double-pronged effort, involving both the individual and our experts.

Our facility provides the critical services needed to deal with cavities and broken teeth, among others. However, people need to play their part and be alert to any signs of severe dental issues, at which point they can contact us to have them fixed.

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